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About the Studio

It is a joy to be able to work with a terrific group of undergraduate and graduate students at Baylor who are not only talented musicians, but also quality people. Every pianist in the studio brings something unique and wonderful to the table, and I am committed to encouraging each one to develop his/her musical potential and individual voice. My students build a strong rapport–they support each other unfailingly, and our weekly studio classes are open and engaging opportunities for students to perform and talk about music. We also maintain good communication through various electronic means and take time for studio get-togethers, further enhancing our sense of community. My students have continued on to highly regarded graduate programs and summer festivals, solo and collaborative performance engagements, pre-collegiate and collegiate teaching positions, and competitive recognition at various levels, including the designation of Steinway Artist.

Please see the student performance sampler video and representative student evaluation comments below!

Dr. Hudson is an amazing piano professor! SO skilled, so encouraging, so passionate about the subject.

Dr. Hudson is an excellent hands-on instructor, it's always very helpful when she demonstrates techniques or plays with me to help me hear the right tone or tempo. 

Dr. Hudson truly is the best piano professor I've ever had.

I feel so privileged to study with Dr. Hudson. She gives detailed feedback, and feel like I am learning a lot from her. 

The emotional freedom I have with my applied lessons is something I have really begun to notice. I have limitless options, and Dr. Hudson is willing to listen to them all! 

Dr. Hudson always challenges me with new concepts and ideas, and I really appreciate how her method is helping me grow into a better musician.

The most valuable aspect was the time spent with Dr. Hudson herself. She has so much experience and knowledge. 

Dr. Hudson is always so gracious and kind! She has a knack of conveying ideas in relatable, practical, vivid examples or imagery, and she is always so full of energy and enthusiasm! 

Dr. Hudson is one of the best professors (and THE best piano teacher) I've had not just during my Master's program, but during my entire college career. Her genuine concern for her students is clearly seen in how she talks to, communicates with, and teaches each individual student. While studying with her, I have always felt respected and supported which has prompted me to excel to my highest ability. I'm so proud to have been her student. Dr. Hudson is invaluable to the piano department and I will always highly recommend her! 

Dr. Hudson's communication style is unparalleled by any instructor I have ever had for music. Her attitude sparkles with musical joy but with knowledgeable power. It all flows into the wonderful product of her teaching. 

Very encouraging; enthusiastic about the subject; superb technical instruction and advice; encourages emotional and story connections with the pieces. 

I love how caring and understanding Dr. Hudson is. She is always concerned for all of her students' well-being, not just as musicians but as people. That being said, she also expects a lot from her students but does so because she believes in them and wants them to succeed. 

Dr. Hudson is very knowledgeable about technique and musicality, and works with me to explain concepts in a way that is easy for me to understand! 

Dr Hudson is very passionate about music and truly demands the best from the students, but is also understanding and patient.


My favorite things about Dr. Hudson are: her creative mind, her sense of humor, her enthusiasm for music, and her expansive knowledge of the subject. I appreciate that she teaches technical approach through sound rather than verbose instructions. 

Dr. Hudson connects with her students so well, and she is very intuitive and insightful into what I need and the best way she can explain something. She is so kind and understanding, but she definitely pushes me to do the best I can too. 

Dr. Hudson truly cares for her students and it shows. She is well versed in all things piano and is passionate about teaching. 

Dr. Hudson approaches students from a holistic point of view. She listens to concerns, both musical and non-musical, and provides guidance and support. The level of support I have from her makes me want to do my best. 

Dr. Hudson is obviously passionate about music and shares her love of music so effectively! She is always so energetic and makes every lesson fast-paced and exciting. Though she expects hard work and improvement each week from her students, Dr. Hudson is understanding and gracious when need be. It is evident that she cares for each and every one of her students and desires to help them reach their full potential musically--she is more concerned about her students and helping them personally than merely a good performance. Dr. Hudson is extremely detailed, and she gives her students as many opportunities as possible. :) 

Gives clear directions for musical ideas and expectations, provides performance practice, gives both encouraging feedback and positive criticism, makes sure students feel ready for the jury, and uses time effectively. 

She is so positive, but also knows your potential and pushes you to do better than you think you can do. She is also so knowledgeable, and I learn so much every lesson.

Dr. Hudson is one of the most delightful, supportive, and encouraging professors I have ever studied with! Her enthusiam and belief in my musical abilities prompted me to produce my best work. Dr. Hudson always listens to my concerns and always takes time to address those concerns so that I feel prepared. I have grown not only musically but also personally due to Dr. Hudson's genuine and encouraging behavior. 

Dr. Hudson is an amazing teacher in that she changes her teaching style depending on the needs of each individual student. My classmates and I have compared how she interacts with each of us in our private lesson, and we've discovered that she adapts how she teaches so that we can learn most productively according to our own needs and preferences. 

Every class is treated almost as if it were a masterclass. 

We love you Dr. Hudson! Just keep doing what you're doing!


can't say enough positive things about Dr. Hudson. For the last 11 semesters, I have studied rigorously under her as a pianist, and have grown tremendously as a result. Additionally, I know I have grown as a young adult, thanks to her guidance and mentorship. I have never seen a professor go above and beyond quite to the extent that she does. We have had rehearsals at 10:00 at night because no other times worked. She has taken time out of her day to talk to me about difficult personal matters when very few people probably would have. She has always functioned as so much more than an instructor for me, and I can't express my appreciation enough. She is enthusiastic about her teaching, and she communicates information in a way that adapts to each individual's needs. She loves what she does, and she makes it very obvious all the time. Even when I'm having a bad day, going to a lesson with her for an hour or more always puts me in a better mood. She manages to find the good in what I'm doing when I can't. She really is an inspiration. 

Dr. Hudson is very passionate, helpful, and caring!

Dr. Hudson is one of the most encouraging professors with whom I have ever had the privilege to work. She is genuinely invested in her students and understanding our outlying circumstances without sacrificing the integrity of her teaching and her expectations of her students. 

She is a wonderful support to her students. She is very invested in them and makes this known clearly. She is also honest and will challenge you if you show her your potential. 

Dr. Hudson is the best instructor and mentor I can imagine. She is understanding and caring, while also being stern and expecting a lot of her students. She treats you well, but also commands respect. Every lesson left me inspired and wanting to go practice and improve. She has an immense amount of patience and dedication to her students. 

Great enthusiasm, energy, and attitude. Treats her students with respect continuously, and is a wonderful example and mentor. Cares about each student as an individual, and is very good at recognizing potential. 

She always brings a huge energy to practice and studio classes. Obviously very knowledgeable and always has great feedback for how to improve a piece. 

I find Dr. Hudson to be the most enthusiastic professor I have ever encountered who demonstrates her love for music with an undying energy. As I talk to other students, I notice that she caters her teaching methods for each of us so that we develop to the best of our ability through her use of her skills. She is quick to respond, quick to explain, and quick to love her students. 

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